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Manual Vacuum Aspiration kit

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Complete MVA kit

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Manual Vacuum Aspiration kit

Manual Vacuum Aspiration kit is composed with :


MTP Syringe :


MTP Syringe is used for manual aspiration procedure.
- Double valve 60cc syringe with locking valves.
- Manufactured from polypropylene polymer.
- Specially designed syringe to apply suction during surgical abortion procedure.
- MTP syringe provides high vacuum suction between 24-26 inches, or 609.6-660.4 millimetres, of mercury during precedure.

Karman Cannula :

- Made from non-toxic plastic single use
- Smooth catheter surface, rounded tip
- Smooth edged eye/eyes near the tip for trauma free insertion.
- With universal connector for connecting to suction apparatus.

Kit Contents :

- The kit include double valve 60cc syringe, lubricating oil, six
colour connector, six signle use cannula sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 mm. 

the single use cannula above and sizes 3, 4 and 12 mm are availlable on request : send an email to contact@surgiway.com

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Manual Vacuum Aspiration kit

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